Aguilar’s Painting We offer professional painting services (562)-314-8951 Aguilar’s Painting We offer professional painting services (562)-314-8951


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You can trust us to provide you with the paint service solutions you need. We support our work, our equipment, and our products with industry-leading warranties that cover both labor and materials.


Commitment to quality has been the foundation of our company's continued tradition, followed by our professional teams.


Highly trained painters and unwavering commitment to quality.

Aguilar’s Painting

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About Us

“There is an old saying in the painting business that preparation is 90% of a successful painting project. We know this to be true and we will thoroughly prepare all surfaces to be painted according the the best industry standards. We won’t cut corners.”

At Aguilar’s Painting the small, large, residential and commercial, interior and exterior, we do everything. With unparalleled painting experience and a level of customer service that never fails to impress our customers, we have gone from being a small business to being one of the best-known names.With our dedicated eye for color, detail, quality and attention, our mission is to provide painting services that exceed professional standards and at the same time establish lasting relationships with our clients and local communities.

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We maintain a staff of highly knowledgeable workers



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commitment to safety cannot be overestimated because we know that the joint cooperation of employees and management in the observation of our program, and a safety conscious attitude will ensure safe working conditions and accident free performance for everyone’s benefit.

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We offer services of painting, Home Remodeling and Plumbing Services and more.
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